Thai Businessman Drinks Crocodile Blood Twice a Day to Stay in Shape

A businessman from southern Thailand recently went viral for claiming that the secret to his good health is to drink crocodile blood mixed with alcohol twice a day.

Rojakorn Nanon, a 52-year-old man from Thailand’s Trang province, starts his day with a glass of crocodile mixed with a Thai spirit called lao khao, and has another such cocktail before bedtime. The businessman claims that he used to be physically weak and exhausted all the time, but ever since he started drinking crocodile blood, things took a massive turn for the better, and now he swears by the stuff. He believes the blood does wonders for several organs, for the blood, and for the nervous system.

Nanon started consuming drinking crocodile blood mixed with lao khao two months ago, after discovering the cocktail being sold by 53-year-old Wanchai Chaikerd, the owner of a crocodile farm in Ban Pho subdistrict. Wnachai claims that crocs have very little blood – one or two glasses – so he mixes it with lao khao. He charges 200 – 300 baht ($6 – $9) per glass.

Wanchai, who owns the largest crocodile farm in Trang Province, claims that his concoction helps circulation, strengthens red blood cells, increases platelet count and white blood cells, and nourishes egg and sperm cells. Apparently, crocodile blood can even cure infertility.

Crocodiles between three and four years old are usually sacrificed to make the controversial cocktail because that’s when they are strongest so their blood has the most powerful effect. He can only extract about 100cc of blood from one animal, which is only enough for two glasses.

via Khaosod (Thai)

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