The Boss of Cleaning – Korean Millionaire Living in Bahrain Spends Every Morning Cleaning the Streets

‘Mr. Yo’ is a millionaire investor with a very peculiar habit – for the past 11 years, the Korean businessman living in Bahrain has been waking up every morning before dawn to clean up the streets of his city. He even takes the time to sort out and recycle the garbage that he collects. Asked why he has been doing this for 11 years, he simply answered “because I want to!”

Korean-born Yo has earned himself the nickname ‘Boss of Cleaning’, thanks to his diligent morning habit. He seems genuinely interested in keeping the streets clean, and making sure that everyone enjoys a healthy neighborhood. “There is a lot of garbage, and this makes people sick,” he explained. “It causes problems.”


According to eyewitnesses, Yo is so bothered by garbage that he cannot even stand the sight of tiny cigarette butts that litter the streets. “This is all money,” he insisted, while pointing at a pile of garbage. He sorts out every piece of trash that he collects and fills them into recycling bags that are shipped all the way from Korea.

Yo’s cleaning habits have routinely attracted the attention of passersby, including the police. This one time, a few local policemen were perplexed to see a strange man tidying the streets, so they approached him and asked him what he was doing. When he explained that he was cleaning, they asked him: “Why aren’t you wearing your uniform?” They apparently thought that he was a municipal sweeper!

Yo is popular amongst his neighbors and friends – they all speak highly of him and his amazing dedication towards the cleanliness of a country that isn’t his own. “Today he is an example of simplicity, modesty, and beautiful presence. He is a role model to the youth of Bahrain,” said one of his Arab friends.

via Elite Daily

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