This Canned Air from “Yeti’s Cave” Will Apparently Make You an Animal in Bed

If the claims of a group of Siberian entrepreneurs are to be believed, their new product might just give Viagra a run for its money. They aren’t selling another expensive pill, just a can of fresh air!

According to Vladimir Makuta, head of the local Tashtagol district, air from Azasskaya Cave and its surrounding area, which is where the fabled Yeti (a.k.a Bigfoot) was supposedly sighted on more than one occasion, is crystal-clear, full of goodness, and has a healing effect. It can apparently help strengthen immunity and positively impact mental state. But most importantly, it is said to works wonders for people who want to perform better in bed.


Marketers of the product claim that simply breathing the air can give users the physical strength and staying power of the yeti, and also make them just as big as the mythical creature. Side effects include instantly improved performance as a sportsman. The air, they say, is packed with ions and healthy mineral and vitamin particles that helped Bigfoot grow to his size. A single can of the pristine air costs 200 rubles (approximately $3).


Not everyone is falling for the story, though. “That is ridiculous,” one commenter wrote online. “They’re making money out of air; they should be ashamed of themselves.”


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen people trying to sell air. Several months ago, we wrote about this French student who made a decent profit by selling empty cans that he claimed were filled with fresh country air!

Source: Siberian Times

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