This Japanese Maid Cafe Is Staffed Exclusively by Chubby Girls

At Shangrila, a newly opened cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo, the waiting staff is made up of well-rounded young women, playfully nicknamed ‘marshmallow girls’.

According to the founders of Shangrila, the cafe is trying to promote the ‘bostive’ (body positive) mindset among Japanese youth. They want to contribute towards reducing the stigma associated with being overweight, and show people that ‘skinny’ isn’t the only definition of ‘cute’.

While maid-themed cafes are common in Japan, Shangrila is the only one that exclusively employs plus-sized women. Interestingly, they do not sell any junk food. Instead, they serve fresh food prepared by an Italian chef, using only organic ingredients. They claim to have the best pizza in all of Akihabara, but since the place is quite new, that is yet to be confirmed.


Shangrila has only been open for a few days now so there’s not much info available about it, and photos are also pretty scarce. However, judging by Japan’s fascination with weird cafes – macho cafe, owl cafe or cuddle cafe, just to name a few – and maid cafes in particular, this place has all the makings of a big hit.


Getting Japanese people to feel better about their fuller figure seems to be a trend in the Land of the Rising Sun these days, as only last week we covered Mr. Babe, a unique fashion and lifestyle magazine targeted towards chubby men known as Poccharimen.



Photos: Twitter

Source: Shangrila via RocketNews24

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