This Muzzle Will Turn the Cutest Dog into a Scary Werewolf

A Russian company has created a menacing muzzle that can transform dogs into fierce-looking werewolves. Fitted with bloody, pointy, ginormous artificial teeth, the werewolf muzzle will make even the cutest poodle look so terrifying that no one’s ever going to try to pet it without your permission. 

One of the first users of the werewolf muzzle is Marina Kurulyova, who became an internet sensation after posting pictures of her dog, a giant Schnauzer, wearing the muzzle. Marina said she doesn’t use it to scare people away though. “This muzzle is just a comic alternative,” she said. “It is rather made for fun than for training. Our friend has bought the muzzle for her dog, a Doberman, and we just tried it. That’s how the photograph was made. The Schnauzer and the Doberman were photographed together, the muzzles amplifying their aggressive personalities.


Photo: Ruptly TV video caption

The contraption features a realistic dog nose and snarling snout, apart from the realistic teeth. Made of non-toxic plastic, the muzzle is harmless to dogs and even allows them to breathe easily through the mouth. It was designed to scare away would-be attackers and protect dog owners during late night walks, especially those who are worried their dogs aren’t tough enough!


Photo: bullterrier_gp


Photo: Zveryatam


Photo: Zveryatam


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