Turkish Company Creates Real-Life Car-Morphing Transformers

Thirty-some years after making their debut as cartoon characters, vehicle-morphing Transformers have finally become a reality, thanks to the efforts of a Turkish company out of Ankara.

The R&D-focused company, called Letvision, recently wowed the internet with a presentation video for their prototype car-transforming robot, ANTIMON. The recently-released footage shows a red BMW M3 being unveiled and remotely driven toward the camera, where it proceeds to transform into a mighty Autobot-like robot. The whole process takes a bit longer than in Michael Bay’s CGI movies, but it’s still mesmerizing to watch.

For fear of copyright infringement issues, Letvision chose to call its creations Letrons, but they’re as close to real-life Transformers as they can currently get. The first video of ANTIMON shows that it can move its arm and head on command and while walking functionality has not been developed yet, the company claims it’s doable if they can secure reasonable funding for a new research and development project.

On its official website, Letvision claims that ANTIMON was developed using an actual BMW M3, but it can only be control remotely, as the seating part of the car is currently taken up by the hydraulics system required for the awesome transformation into a Letron. However, they plan on making the vehicles drivable, which probably means integrating the passenger seat into the Letron as well.

Letvision claims they came up with the idea for Letrons during a brainstorming session on a unique and futuristic project. ANTIMON reportedly took a team of 12 engineers and 4 technicians eight months to complete. They have created four other Letron models and are currently working on creating them using various car models.

Now for the question that has probably been on your mind since you came on this page – Can you buy your very own real-life car-morphing robot? The answer is ‘YES’. Levision says that their letrons can be for sale, provided that “the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team.”

We’ve featured quite a few Transformers replicas on Oddity Central over the years, and while some of them were incredibly realistic-looking, they were nothing but gorgeous statues. Letrons are on a whole other level.


Photos: Letvision

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