Turkish Soccer Player Allegedly Uses Concealed Blade to Slash Opposing Players During Match

Mansur Çalar, a 33-year-old soccer player from Turkey, has been accused of using a concealed sharp object to repeatedly slash players of the opposing team during a third-division game last weekend.

Allegations against the footballer started pouring in on Monday after several players from Turkish club Sakaryaspor, the club Çalar’s team, Amedspor, had played against a day before, started posting photos of sustained slash wounds online. Some had scratch-like marks on their arms, others on their backs and necks, but they all accused Mansur Çalar, asking that he be reprimanded. Both the accused and his club dismissed the allegations, but then a video collage showing Çalar’s behavior in several tense moments during the Sunday match went viral online and authorities opened an official investigation.

The damning video shows Mansur Çalar appearing to conceal a small object in his left hand before the start of the match, and then using it to attack players of the opposing club several times during the game. In an official statement, the Sakaryaspor soccer club said that its players were not aware of Çalar’s hidden weapon until after the match, when they noticed each other’s wounds in the locker room.

“The player continued to behave inadequately during the game, actively using the blade. The blade was held in the palm of his hand, hidden between his fingers,” the statement read.

Turkish news agency Anatolia reported that following the public allegations against Mansur Çalar, police called him in for questioning and then placed him under judicial supervision until the end of the investigation. Four Sakaryaspor soccer players have reportedly filed charges against him for his behavior during Sunday’s match.

Ali Qara Kash, the owner of Amedspor, defended Çalar, saying that if there was any truth to these accusations, the wounded players would have reported something to the referee during match.

“If they had been attacked by Mansour, why did they not say anything during the game, why did they wait until the end of the 90 minutes?” Kash asked. “These allegations about our club and players are unacceptable.”

Çalar himself denied the accusations, saying that he has been a professional soccer player for 11 years, and he could never do anything like this. He has never received a red card in his entire career.

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