Turkish Tailor Creates the World’s Smallest Pair of Jeans

A tailor from Turkey is in the news for making the smallest machine-sewn pair of jeans in the world, measuring a mere 0.9 cm in length. Kasim Andaç, 34, is now hoping that his liliput jeans will earn him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tailoring has been in Kasim’s family for generations, and he now manages the family business in Konya city, in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region. “I was bored by the profession at first, but after working on being a tailor with my father, I learned to love it and to love the opportunities for innovation and creativity,” Kasim said.

smallest-pair of jeans2

In fact, it was when Kasim’s father had made a pair of small jeans for his baby sister that he got inspired to make one himself. He then took on the challenge of sewing an even smaller pair, measuring 7.5 cm long, and eventually succeeded. Later, he made a 5-cm pair too, but his father was determined to give Kasim stiff competition, taking it down to 2.5 cm. Kasim’s final answer to his father’s challenge is his ultra-small 0.9-cm creation.

smallest-pair of jeans3

Not only did Kasim manage to complete the difficult task, but he also did it using his sewing machine. And he has no plans to give up, although he admits that any pants smaller than the current pair would have to be hand-sewn. In the meantime, he has submitted his work to the Guinness Book of Records, for the world’s smallest machine-made jeans. I daresay he’ll win!

Sources: Zaman, East News