Ultimate Slobs? Japanese Women Wear Diapers to Avoid Going to the Toilet

Weird as it may seem, there are people out there who would rather wear an uncomfortable diaper all day long than go to the bathroom. Japanese media reports adult diapers are increasingly popular among Japanese women who say wearing them saves them a lot of time.

In an article titled “The Ultimate Form of Slob“, Japanese magazine SPA describes the hottest trend in the Land of the Rising Sun. No, it’s not the brainwave-operated tail for humans, that’s still just a prototype, but something way more disturbing. The masculinization of women has become a very popular topic in Japan, as statistics say more and more females don’t clean their rooms as often as they used to, leave their underwear all over the place and don’t even bother to remove unwanted bodily hair, but one magazine seems to have identified the ultimate slobs – women who wear diapers to avoid using the toilet. They even interviewed one such girl, 25-year-old Kaori Adachi (pseudonym), who works in a Tokyo real-estate agency. For the last six months she has been wearing diapers to work almost every day, instead of using sanitary tissues after using the restroom. And she doesn’t mean panty liners to prevent leakage, but actual diapers that absorb all the urine, and save her the trouble of going to the bathroom.

Photo: SPA Magazine

I knew Japanese were workaholics but this is taking it a bit too far. Adachi says she can now pee normally while she’s working, without having to stop and go to the restroom. She does point out that she only wears them when she’s dressed in a skirt, because pants make it obvious there’s something not quite right down there, and she never wears them when she’s meeting her boyfriend.

Photo: SPA Magazine

One photo posted by SPA Magazine shows some shops have even started placing adult diapers in the women’s hygiene section. Believe it or not, Japan even has an adult site called Bebigyaru, where men can look at photos of women wearing diapers…

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