Urine Injections Are The Latest In Weight Loss Diets

If you thought you knew everything there is to know about weight loss, think again. The latest news state that urine injections are bound to get you fit, in no time.

It’s a very controversial matter that has been around for years, frequently used by MD allergists, because of it’s allergenic content, even before before the pharmaceutical industry started preparing allergens. “Reinvented”, this urine treatment has come back to life. Sheryl Paloni started using this strange diet in June and already lost 43 pounds and around 30 inches. Paloni says “Physically I feel better. I feel light on my feet.”

Well, and if the thought of pumping urine into your system wasn’t disgusting enough, there’s more. It seems the injections have to contain the urine of a pregnant woman, because, as Iris McCarthy of Success Weight Loss Systems explains, it’s not about the urine itself but about a hormone it contains, called human coriogonic gotrophin (HCG), hormone which tricks your brain into thinking you are pregnant, thus metabolizing faster. Also, these urine injections have to be accompanied by a very strict, low-calorie diet.

Cardiologist are very skeptic about thisĀ  new found “treatment”, and they are convinced it’s just a placebo that can’t compete with the healthy and long-lasting results achieved through diet and regular exercise. But for true believers like Sheryl Paloni this is “an amazing thing. It really is. When I took a shot I was never hungry. I’m not hungry. I’ve learned how to eat better. I feel great and I truly believe that I will not put the weight back on.”

Before you get your hopes up, there’s one more thing I think you should know: in February 2009 a Bolivian woman died after a friend gave her a urine injection as a health therapy…

via The Boston Channel

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