Who Needs Privacy: 5 People Live in Paris Subway Station Apartment

Here’s another example of a bizarre business promotional strategy. This time it’s by IKEA and they actually took over a Paris subway station.

In a bid to prove that with IKEA furnishing you can make any living space comfortable, the company erected an apartment right in the middle of the Auber station in Paris. It was only 581 sq ft. in size and five people lived in it for five days (Jan 9th to 14th). The company tried a similar event around two years back when they decked subway platforms with IKEA furnishings, but this took things a step forward. Or maybe a giant leap. The apartment mainly consisted of IKEA storage products, clearly aiming at space management. Plain to view through huge clear-glass windows for the hundreds of thousands of people who use the subway, their publicity stunt sure didn’t miss any eyeballs. Time-lapse videos have been made of the construction of the apartment. Videos documenting the experiences of the five people living there have also been put up by the company.

The videos show the five inhabitants going through their daily activities – sleeping, washing up, shaving, working out and even going for a run through the subway platforms. Some of them are eating, sewing on IKEA machines, and have visitors come over and plop on the huge couches that turn into beds at night. It actually doesn’t look like such a bad way to live. I’d prefer walls to the windows, though!




via PSFK

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