Widower Has Ultra-Realistic, Life-Size Sculpture of His Late Wife Installed at Family Home

An Indian man melted the hearts of millions in his home country after unveiling a life-size and almost lifelike sculpture of his late wife during a house-warming party.

Srinivas Gupta, a businessman from Karnataka, India who lost his wife in a tragic car accident three years ago, wanted his life partner to be physically present at a recent house-warming event that he had a life-size silicone statue of her made by a local artist. Madhavi, Gupta’s late wife, had always wanted to own her own bungalow, so after her death the businessman decided to honor her memory by building one in her honor. A year ago, he commissioned a local sculptor to make an ultra-realistic statue of Madhavi, so she could be with him and their two daughters when the new home was ready.

“It is a great feeling to have my wife again at my home, as this was her dream home,” Srinivas Gupta told India.com. “An artist, Shreedhar Murthy, from Bengaluru took a year to prepare my wife’s statue. Silicon was used for the statue for durability. Our artist suggested me to have silicon statue instead of the wax statue as we live in Koppal which is a hot place, and an AC (air-conditioning) cant be open all the time to maintain the wax. So as per the suggestion, we got the silicon statue prepared.”

Photos and videos of Gupta and his two daughters posing next to Mdhavi’s lifelike silicone statue went viral in India this week, with most social media users praising the businessman’s gesture as a symbol of his undying love for his late wife.

“So much of love. Felt emotional. It may be a statue for the world but for him, she is right there present with him. Brilliant creation. Talking about talent, no one can beat Indians,” one Twitter user commented.

“Hats off to Srinivas Gupta for giving true value for his long term relationship. He is showing how we have to value our relationship, that is lacking nowadays in all families,” someone else wrote.


I can understand and appreciate the idea of having his wife there with him for an important family event, but am I the only one who thinks that maybe Gupta went a bit too far? That ultra-realistic statue looks so lifelike it’s actually creeping me out a little bit.

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