Woman Allegedly Sues Condom Deliveryman for Unwanted Pregnancy

One of the weirdest questions you can find on law forums is “can I sue for a broken condom?” (don’t ask me how I know that). Well, a woman in China went even further than that, suing the man who delivered the condoms she ordered too late, thus causing her unwanted pregnancy.

Chinese media recently reported the somewhat funny case of a young woman from Xuzhou, in Jiangsu province, who allegedly sued a deliveryman for bringing the box of condos she ordered online eight minutes late, and thus indirectly causing her to become pregnant. Apparently, the woman, referred to as Su (pseudonym), had her boyfriend over one evening in August, to watch a movie together. The movie lasted longer than expected, so the young man ended up spending the night. And that’s how the trouble started.

Photo: Anqa/Pixabay

As things started getting hot between the two lovers, Su realized that neither of them had a condom, so she quickly ordered a box of them using one of the many available online apps. The estimated delivery time was 20 minutes, so she jumped into the shower to pass the time faster and make sure neither of them succumbed to temptation. Unfortunately, when she checked her phone after coming out of the bathroom, she noticed that the delivery had been delayed another 10 minutes due to bad weather.

Unable to hold back their urges any longer, Su and her boyfriend slept together, so when the deliveryman arrived with the condoms 28 minutes after she placed the order, they had no use for them anymore. Only neither of them realized the severity of the situation at the time.

Late last month, after noticing that she didn’t get her monthly period, Su got a pregnancy test and was shocked to see that she was with child. Her first thought was that it was all the fault of the deliveryman who didn’t bring her the condoms in time, so she decided to sue him.

Photos: Sina Weibo

According to China Press, Su sued the deliveryman for 30,000 yuan ($4,200) in anticipated medical expenses, food cost, and lost time.

“If only the deliveryman had arrived on time, this kind of thing never would have happened,” Su allegedly told reporters.

The deliveryman, on the other hand, said that he had no intention of taking care of a woman he didn’t know, and that she was free to take it up with his delivery company.

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