Woman Claims That Possessed Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend Because It Was Jealous

A Peruvian woman claims that her possessed doll frightened her boyfriend into leaving her after it attacked him out of jealousy.

Berliz, a young woman from Callao, Peru, told reporters that Deisy, a doll she received from her mother as a Christmas gift when she was younger, has been exhibiting Poltergeist-like behavior, including moving its head and limbs, and even attacking people she doesn’t like. The doll’s latest victim was Berliz’s boyfriend, who broke off their relationship after Deisy “grabbed and hit him” while he was sleeping.

According to Berliz, the possessed doll moves by itself, knocks things down around the house and appears to be the source of several phenomena that cannot be explained. The woman says that Deisy appears to be very jealous and acts out whenever someone gets close to its owner. For example, she recalled a bizarre occurrence from when she was 18-years-old. Her father hugged her and then the lights suddenly went out. When they went back on, her face was full of cuts.

Photo: Aweita.pe

Another time , Berliz’s cousin went to lie down in her bed, but she soon ran out screaming that someone was throwing things at her.

“One day, a bright light suddenly shone in the house, and my bible fell from atop the television. I started crying and the light went out and I saw shadows around me,” the woman recalled.

Berliz says that following all these bizarre incidents, she considered getting rid of Deisy, but ultimately decided against it, fearing that the possessed doll may return and attack her as well. She did try to turn the doll with its face to the wall, so she wouldn’t have to see her creepy face all the time, but when she woke up, Deisy had somehow turned around and was staring right at her.

Berliz recently gave birth and she has so far kept Deisy away from her baby, but she is afraid that the doll may act against her child out of jealousy. To prevent this, the woman contacted a clairvoyant who advised her to get a black cat to neutralize the doll’s negative energy.


Insolito Noticias posted a video of the unnamed clairvoyant trying to communicate with the possessed doll using a special microphone. Deisy can be heard answering the clairvoyant’s questions and proceeds to swear at her when she invokes the power of God to banish the spirit inside the doll.

Callao seems to be a preferred destination of possessed dolls, as just last year we posted about Sarita, the “Peruvian Annabelle” who terrorized another Peruvian family from the same city.