Woman Convicted of Hiring Hitman to Kill Ex-Husband Now Accused of Trying to Have the Hitman Killed

A 70-year-old woman from Salt Lake City, Utah, was recently found guilty of conspiring to have her ex-husband killed two years ago. But what’s really interesting about this case is that on the day of her trial she was also charged with repeatedly trying to have the hitman who ratted her out killed, while she was in prison.

In December of 2016 Linda Gillman was arrested and accused of trying to hire someone to murder her ex-husband and make it look like an accident or a break-in gone wrong. She had hired a man named Christian Olsen to do some work on her property, and at one point asked him to arrange the murder of her ex-husband and his new wife. She gave him a $5,000 down-payment, but also promised him a $7,000 diamond ring and $18,000 from the victim’s life insurance policy, which she would collect after his death.

Olsen couldn’t go through with the murder, though, and instead contacted Gillman’s husband to warn him about the plot. Police then asked the would-be assassin to wear a wire and record Linda Gillman, which he agreed to do. According to court documents, during Gillman’s talks with Olsen, she “talks about the murder of [her ex-husband]. She is then overheard talking about including [her ex-husband’s] current wife for an additional $10,000. Linda sums up the payment as $25,000 total.”

After getting all this recorded evidence of Linda Gillman’s plot to kill her ex-husband, police arrested her and she was placed in the Salt Lake County Jail. Soon after that, the woman was charged with attempted obstruction of justice for approaching another inmate she thought was part of a white supremacist gang about arranging the murder of the man whom she had hired to kill her ex.

Gillman allegedly told this inmate that if Olsen were to disappear, she would “walk out a free woman” and that “it would make all her dreams come true”. The charges against Linda in this matter were ultimately dropped, due to problems with witnesses, but she just kept trying to hire people to kill those she felt had wronged her.

Photo: Good4Utah

Last Friday, during a trial that saw her convicted of trying to have her ex-husband killed, Linda Gillman was charged with yet another attempt to hire a hitman, this time to kill both Christian Olsen and an attorney who had won a civil case against her.

According to Good4Utah, while in jail, Linda Gillman befriended another inmate, who she tried to use to reach a hitman on the outside. After posting this person’s $5,000 bail, she then handed her lawyer a check for $155,000 issued to the former inmate, along with a ‘confess’ letter. Gillman instructed former the inmate to contact Olsen and have him sign the ‘confess’ letter that would absolve her of charges. If he refused to sign, Linda’s accomplice would hire a hitman who “would then ‘take Christian out.'”

In her letter, Gillman also told the former inmate to ask the hitman if he was willing to kill a certain B.G., who turned out to be a lawyer who had sued her civilly.


Unfortunately for Linda Gillman, the check and letter never reached her partner in crime, as it was confiscated from the lawyer by police for violating jail policy.

In light of these new accusations, the 70-year-old woman’s sentencing has been scheduled for April 23rd. She faces life in prison. But there’s still time to have everyone killed and walk free…

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