Woman Dumps Boyfriend After Learning That His Luxury Car Was a Cheap Knockoff

A Chinese woman recently got a lot of negative feedback after taking to social media to complain about her deceitful boyfriend who, it turns out, didn’t own an expensive Porsche Cayenne, but a cheap Chinese knockoff worth ten times less. This was apparently a deal-breaker for her, and she just had to dump him and expose him as the fraud that he was…

In a series of posts on Chinese social network Weibo, the young woman recounted the events that led to her breaking up with her seemingly rich boyfriend. The pair apparently met just over two weeks ago, at a party. They didn’t exactly hit it off, as he kept a lo-profile during the party and didn’t talk to many people. However, when she was about to leave, he told her that they lived in the same area and offered to give her a ride home. She recalls feeling shocked to see that his car was a Porsche Cayenne which she knew cost around $220,000, and wondering why such a rich guy behaved so humbly. In her post, the woman admits to having become interested in him after seeing his car.

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The two went on a few dates after that, going to the movies and out to dinner. He was a complete gentleman every time, and that only made him more intriguing.

“At the time, I thought to myself that rich people are rarely humble. Because of this unique quality, I started to develop feelings for him.”

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There was something strange about his rich boyfriend, though. Despite driving a luxurious Porsche Cayenne, he only took her out to budget restaurants and always wore cheap clothes that he himself admitted buying on online marketplace Taobao, for as little as 100 yuan ($15). But the woman claims that instead of being put off by this, his apparent humility only made her like him even more. Plus, he had one cool car.

The woman liked posting photos and videos of herself with her rich but humble boyfriend on her Weibo account, and one day she decided to flaunt his impressive car by uploading a video of it on her profile. While some congratulated her on her catch, one friend wrote “That car is not Porsche Cayenne!”.

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The woman was shocked at her friend’s audacity, and told her that it was, as it had Porsche logos on both the hood and the rims. That’s when her friend informed her that the car was actually a domestic Zotye, a notorious knockoff of the Porsche Cayenne, and that her boyfriend had probably bought fake logos online. A brand new Zotye SR9 sells for around $18,000, and definitely doesn’t qualify as a luxury car.

Furious about her friend’s revelation, the woman decided to confront her boyfriend about it. She texted him, asking how much he had paid for his car, as a friend wanted to buy one as well and wanted to know if he had gotten a discount. The man replied that he had paid 1.2 million yuan ($180,000) for it and that it was the top of the line.

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She then started asking him about the subtle differences between his car and other Porsche Cayenne she had seen, which he justified by saying that his car was a newer model, and the differences were normal.

“Oh, this is just the old model. The one I bought is a new model. Of course, they don’t look the same. Why are you troubled by this?” the man asked, to which she replied: “Did you mean the new model of Zotye instead? Stop pretending. My friend had already told me the truth. Let’s us just break up.”

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Caught with the lie, the woman’s boyfriend asked her why she was being vain and accused her of always wanting to show off to others. That was the last straw for the woman.

“I show off?!” the woman snapped. “You a$$hole, it’s you who modified the car to make it look like a Porsche! How dare you say I am the one who always shows off! You are a disgusting man. I must have been blind to have ever loved you.”

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The woman posted their entire conversation as well as photos of his car online for everyone to see. She claims she wanted to warn other women about this “Fake Porsche Dude” who uses his fake car to fool women into sleeping with him… What happened to him being a gentleman and all those feelings she had developed for him?

Source: ET Today via The Coverage

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