Woman Helps Husband Marry Ex-Girlfriend, The Three of Them Now Live Together

After hearing that her husband and his ex-girlfriend still had feelings for each other, an Indian woman facilitated their religious marriage and agreed to the woman moving in with them.

This bizarre love story comes to you from Tirupati, a city in India’s Andhra Pradesh state.  Kalyan, a local video content creator, married a woman named Vimala, after the two hit it off on social media. Everything was fine until the woman learned that her husband had a romantic relationship with another Indian influencer from Visakhapatnam who had just moved into their locality and was looking to patch things up with Kalyan. But instead of trying to get the man to leave his current wife, the ex-girlfriend wanted to join their family.

Photo: Varun/Pexels

According to multiple Indian news outlets, Kalyan and his old fling, Nitya Sree, had broken up due to some undisclosed issues that had since been resolved. When the woman moved to Tirupati and reconnected, they learned that they still had feelings for each other, so they both pleaded with Vimala, Kalyan’s wife, to let him marry his ex-girlfriend…

As you can imagine, Vimala was confused at first, but after taking some time to think about the issue, she decided to not only allow her husband’s religious union with another woman, but actually take part in the ceremony and pose for pictures with the newlywed couple. Apparently, Nitya and Kalyan also proposed that they all live under the same roof, and Vimala agreed.


The controversial love story has been doing the rounds on Indian social media. Some have accused the man of humiliating his wife by marrying his ex-girlfriend in a temple, while others praised Vimala for the strength of honoring her husband’s wishes.

As unusual as this story sounds, it’s not exactly unheard of. Last year we’ve featured not one but two cases in which spouses helped their partners marry their lovers.

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