Woman Injects Herself with 3.5 Million-Year-Old Bacteria to Stay Young

A 45-year-old actress from Germany has been injecting herself with Bacillus F, a 3.5 million-year-old bacteria from the Siberian permafrost, to stop the effects of aging.

The woman, who goes by the moniker Manoush, describes herself as a “human lab rat” for being the first person in the world to inject herself with Bacillus F, an ancient bacteria whose cells apparently show no signs of aging. She has been doing it for the past three months and claims it is already making her look and feel younger than her age.

Photo: ITV video screengrab

Bacillus F was first discovered by Russian scientists in the permafrost of north-western Russia, in 2009, and was then hailed as a “scientific sensation”. The bacteria’s DNA was unlocked in 2015 by a team of researchers who claim that unlike other cells in nature, Bacillus F cells show no signs of aging and could be the key to eternal youth. Manoush has apparently taken these claims to heart and has been injecting the bacteria into her bloodstream.

If you’re wondering how an obscure actress from Munich, Germany, managed to get her hands on the Bacillus F wonder bacteria, she was apparently been getting sufficient samples from the head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov, himself.

Photo: Caters News

As the procedure is experimental, no doctor could inject Manoush with the Bacillus F bacteria without risking to lose their license, so the actress decided to do it herself, under the supervision of a doctor and her friends, in case something bad happens. She has been injecting the strange bacteria into her veins every two weeks, and hopes to up the dosage and frequency soon.

“My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom,” Manoush recently told Barcroft TV. “You can’t really see it in the photos but if you see me in person you can see there are no marks or blemishes. I have never felt better. I have never slept better, deeper or longer.”

Bacillus F

Dr. Brouchkov has apparently taking the Bacillus F extract himself, albeit orally, but Manoush is the first person to have it injected directly into the bloodstream.

“There is no knowing what effects this may have in the long-term – but no risk, no success,” the 45-year-old woman said. “This is not going to make me 20 years younger. But I think it will help me live to 80 or 90 and age as disgracefully as I can in artificial health and beauty. I want to die in a fully functional body and if this helps then it would have all been worth it.”

Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov

Manoush’s family was completely opposed to her plan to inject herself with an unknown bacteria in the hope of attaining eternal youth, but that didn’t stop her. Neither did Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov’s advice not to inject the samples directly into her blood.

“Aging is a disease. It is a genetic flaw to me. Even as a teenager I could never accept the concept of getting older one day,’ the actress said. “I don’t care what people think. I will stop at nothing to look and feel younger. Nothing.”


It’s worth noting that this is only Manoush’s latest attempt to preserve her youthfulness. She has also spent around $50,000 on plastic surgery over the last 20 years, including face lifts, breast implants and nose jobs.

While many people think Manoush is crazy for risking her life by injecting the Bacillus F into her blood, previous reports claim that it has been injected into living organisms – human blood cells, mice and crops – before, and the results were encouraging, with animals living longer than expected.

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