Woman Sues 5-Star Hotel for Serving Her Semen-Contaminated Water

An American woman is suing luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton for reportedly delivering a bottle of water that had been contaminated with human semen by one of its employees.

The woman and her husband – referred to as Jane and John Doe in the lawsuit – visited the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California, last November, but their comfortable four-night stay turned into a nightmare one evening when the wife requested a few bottles of drinking water. After they were delivered by a member of the hotel staff, Jane Doe put one of the bottles on the nightstand next to her bed and fell asleep without taking a drink from it. Later that night, she woke up, took a swig of water, and immediately realized that something wasn’t right. The water had a weird taste that she horrifyingly recognized…

Photo: Jonathan Coopper/Unsplash

“She opened it, took a drink, and knew immediately that something was wrong with the liquid she had just swallowed,” the woman’s lawyers said. “Jane Doe was mortified, terrified, embarrassed, and humiliated, but shared her suspicion with her husband, who then asked the hotel security and management representatives to call the police.”

The couple told police that the water bottled delivered to them by the luxury hotel staff contained ‘semen-contaminated water’ and officers had no choice but to take a sample for analysis. Shockingly enough, the test results showed that it had indeed contained human semen.

“The Ritz-Carlton subsequently sent the water bottle to a laboratory for analysis, and the testing confirmed that the water contained semen,” the lawsuit filed on October 12 reads.


According to Business Insider Magazine, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel will not give the water bottle or a copy of the test results to law enforcement for analysis and “will not disclose the identities of the hotel employees on duty that day so that their backgrounds and criminal histories can be scrutinized.”

The couple is now suing the hotel chain for condoning its employee’s behavior and is suing it for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and loss of consortium, claiming that its actions, or lack thereof, caused her to experience symptoms like  “anguish, nervousness, anxiety, grief, worry, shock, humiliation, and embarrassment.”

Imagine booking a stay at one of the world’s most impressive hotels and getting involved in such a bizarre lawsuit.

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