Woman Teases Boyfriend About Not Having a Motorcycle, He Steals Eight to Impress Her

A New Delhi man was arrested this past Saturday after stealing no less than eight motorcycles to impress his girlfriend who had allegedly teased him about not having one.

The culprit, known only as Lalit, had reportedly never shied away from throwing and attending parties in the New Delhi area, as a way of impressing his girlfriend. But on Valentine’s Day, last month, his efforts appeared pointless as she started teasing him about not having his own motorcycle. She was right, but he felt hurt by her words, so together with a close friend, Lalit decided he would get not one but many motorcycles to prove his worth to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his plan only landed him in jail.

Photo: anniiikaa/Pixabay

Lalit and his friend Saheed came up with a plan to nab as many expensive motorcycles as they could, and put in it in motion last month. In the beginning, everything went smoothly, and the pair managed to steal a number of expensive two-wheelers, but their exploits soon attracted the attention of police, who laid a trap for them.

On March 6th, police received information that two potential motorcycle thieves were in the Dwarka area and a trap was laid. Filters were set up at key points, and when two suspects were spotted riding an expensive motorcycle without a license plate, they were stopped and the vehicle verified. It turned out that the expensive bike was reported stolen on February 21 from Bindapur in Delhi.

The would-be career thieves confessed to the crime and told police that they had actually stolen eight motorcycles from various parts of the Indian capital. Asked why an otherwise law-abiding water plant worker had resorted to theft, Lalit said that it was all a way to impress his girlfriend after she had teased him about not having his own bike.

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