Woman Underwent Over 300 Cosmetic Procedures Because Mother Told Her She Wasn’t Pretty Enough as a Child

A 39-year-old former hostess and model from Japan recently went on national television and revealed that she spent over 30 million yen ($280,000) on cosmetic procedures in the last 21 years, after becoming traumatized that her mother had never been satisfied with her looks growing up.

Tsubaki Tomomi had her first plastic surgery when she turned 18, right after graduating high-school. By the time she turned twenty, she had already fixed her teeth, had eye shaping surgery and gotten breast implants. She has been on a never-ending quest to enhance her physical appearance ever since, and doesn’t plan on stopping until the day she dies. Although Tsubaki claims to have embraced plastic surgery as a way of keeping herself looking youthful, she says that her obsession with it started in her childhood. Her mother used to always complain about her looks, calling her “unsightly” in front of other people, so she just got it into her head that she had to make herself look more pleasing. As soon as she got old enough to undergo plastic surgery, she did so. She claims to have spent over 30 million yen ($280,000) on cosmetic procedures since then.

Photo: Tsubaki Tomomi

In an interview with Japanese hostess magazine Caba2, Tsubaki Tomomi said that from the time she was in elementary school, all the way through junior high-school, her mother would complain about her looks. Every New Year’s Eve and Bon Festival, when relatives and friends would come over and say something like “Tsubaki has grown so much”, her mother would reply with “she is an unsightly child”. Even though she repeatedly told her mother to stop humiliating her like that, she persisted. So she got it in her head that she wasn’t good looking enough at a very young age and later turned to plastic surgery.

While Tsubaki managed to pay for her first cosmetic procedures with her savings, she managed to become one of the most popular hostesses in Hokkaido in her twenties and earned quite a lot of money, much of which she just invested in more plastic surgery. From jaw, mouth and nose reconstruction, to constant fillers and face lifts, she racked up hundreds of procedures over the last 21 years. Her latest investment was a procedure called Intima Laser, which cost 160,000 yen ($1,500).


The 39-year-old says that nowadays plastic surgery is no longer considered taboo in Japan, but back when she started going under the knife for facial reconstruction and breast implants, people frowned upon such procedures. But she wanted to change her appearance so much that she didn’t care what anyone thought or said about it.

Tsubaki Tomomi still works as a model and is also an aspiring influencer. She is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and also writes a blog on Japanese platform Ameba.