World’s Largest Barbecue Is 76-Feet-Long, Can Cook Four Tonnes of Meat at a Time

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and you’ll have a hard time finding better proof that the “Undisputable Cuz”, a humongous barbecue pit located at the Folsom residence along highway 290, in Brenham. The 40-ton, 75-foot monstrosity ventilated by seven chimneys is the world’s largest barbecue pit. It’s so huge that it needs to be carried around in a large truck and Local authorities have to issue special permits and escorts just to move the cooker down the road!

“It has 24 doors – 12 on this side, 12 on the other,” said owner Terry Folsom, proudly describing his prized possession. The pit can cook four tons of meat at a time, and also has a walk-in cooler with space for kegs attached to beer taps on the outside. Surprisingly, the heat that powers the beauty comes from a small fire that burns only a couple of cords of wood. A tube carries the heat along the length of the entire pit.


Photo: The Bearded Backyarder

Terry said that he acquired the Undisputable Cuz as a part of a business deal with its original owner, who used to take it on tour. But while his son loves to cook on it, his wife would like to get rid of it pretty soon, so it’s up for sale on eBay for a whopping $350,000. And the price doesn’t cover the low-mileage 18-speed Peterbilt that houses the pit. The vehicle will set you back by an additional $50,000.


Photo: YouTube caption

“Some people tell me we ought to put it back on tour,” said Kim Folsom, Terry’s wife. “But I’d rather just sell it and get it gone.” In addition to the eBay posting, the Folsoms have also put up a sign on the highway to attract potential butyers. Terry’s hoping that some rich guy driving down the highway will see the sign, stop, and write him a check.

“Get me a certified check and bring it over here and give it to me they’ll own it,” he said. “I’ll take it right where they need it.” Kim figures there might be only one problem with that – the person who buys it would first have convince his wife. “He aint gonna talk her into it,” Kim laughed.


via KHOU