Zombie-Inspired Beer Is Brewed with Actual Brains

As the season finale of the popular TV show The Walking Dead approaches, Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Co. is celebrating with its own version of a ‘zombie’ beer brewed with actual brains. Don’t freak out just yet, though, those are smoked goat brains, not human.

The brewery’s website reads: “Presenting the Brainy Dock Street Walker: Quite possibly the smartest beer you’ll ever drink. Get a taste and watch the finale at Dock Street on March 30th, 7pm.”

“More often than not, monotonous Monday cleaning rituals (labors of love for brewers everywhere) were spent recapping the previous nights’ twists, turns, narrow escapes, or untimely goodbyes,” said the brewery in a press release. “Dock Street wanted to brew a special tribute to the show. Dock Street Walker’ (7.2 percent ABV) is an American Pale Stout, brewed with malted wheat, oats and flaked barley for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Fuggle hops provide delicate, earthy notes, while the cranberries create a sinister, bloody hue and a slight tartness. The pre-sparge-brain-addition provides this beer with intriguing, subtle smoke notes. In true walker fashion, don’t be surprised if its head doesn’t hang around forever.”


Photo: Dock Street Brewing Co.

The credit for this innovative beer goes to Dock Street’s head brewer Justin Low and Brewery Representative Sasha Certo-Wane, both huge fans of the zombie saga. The show, currently in its fourth season, depicts a Zombie-dominated post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors bands together to stay alive. The season finale is all set to air on 30 March, which is when the beer tribute at Dock Street will go on sale. The brewery has also planned live music and a screening of the finale for the occasion. For those who prefer to watch and drink at home, growlers will also be made available.


Photo: Dock Street Brewing Co.

Creating TV-show themed beers is actually a growing trend. Last year, before The Breaking Bad series finale was aired, Albuquerque’s Marble Brewing Co. brewed a pair of special beers. But those ales weren’t as popular as the Dock Street Walker is. I suppose people really do like a good beer with brains!

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