Aaron Fotheringham – Extreme Wheelchair Athlete

Impossible is nothing!

I love that motto and it fits Aaron Fotheringham perfectly. He’s a 17-year old Extreme wheelchair athlete, competing against BMX riders in skate-park competitions. Fotheringham suffers from Spida Bifida and has been spending his life in a wheelchair since the age of 8. As a young kid he used to watch his brother ride his BMX at the skate-park and one day he took his advice and started riding in his wheelchair. He loved it so much he never stopped since. He got a new, lighter wheelchair, with four-wheel suspension that allowed him to perform most of the tricks BMX riders perform.

In 2006 Aaron Fotheringham ranked forth in a BMX competition in Sunny Springs Skate Park. He has suffered many injuries while practicing his tricks although he first tries them out on cushions and on hard plastic sheets before performing them on skateboard ramps.

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