Awe-Inspiring Venator Class Star Destroyer Made from 43,000 LEGO Bricks

I hope you’re seating down LEGO and Star Wars fans, because there’s a chance you might pass out from the awesomeness of this Venator Class Star Destroyer model made from 43,000 LEGO parts.

Now LEGO has been one of my favorite topics to write about on Oddity Central, and we’ve featured some pretty cool-looking creations, from the record-breaking LEGO Warship Yamato, to the mind-blowing LEGO Middle Earth, or the incredible LEGO sculptures of Nathan Sawaya. Well, it’s time to add another brick masterpiece to our collection – Sylvain Ballivet’s model of the Venator Class Star Destroyer featured in Star Wars, made from 43,000 parts. Sylvain, also known as iomedes in the world of LEGO enthusiasts, has created a lot of amazing sculptures, which you can check out on his blog, but the giant Venator is definitely the highlight of his career as a LEGO master.

Although he doesn’t mention how much time he spent piecing his creation together, it must have took a while to complete such a detailed replica using 43,000 LEGO parts. The Venator measures 2,44 meters-long and weighs an impressive 82 kilos.

UPDATE: This gorgeous Venator was previously credited as the work of Erik Varszegi, when it was really just a copy of his 2005 creation. This particular model of the star destroyer was created by French LEGO enthusiast Sylvain Ballivet (iomedes), who spent three and a half months piecing it together. Sorry about the mixup, Sylvain!




Photos via Flickr and iomedes

via Obvious Winner