Beautiful Word Paintings Are Made with Deconstructed Book Text

Jamie Poole works mainly as a landscape painter and art teacher, but today we’re going to look at his unique style of painting with words by using shredded poetry and book text to create   incredible works of art.

WE’ve featured some pretty unbelievable text artworks in the past, from John Sokol’s hand-written portraits of famous writers, to the detailed dog portraits of Florida-based artist Stephen Kline, but English artist Jamie Poole sets himself apart by using shredded pieces of text from poetry books and novels. His works are all large scale, meaning he has to use hundreds, sometimes thousands of deconstructed text pieces to achieve the effect he’s looking for. Despite the rigidity of the material he uses for his artistic pieces, compared to the commons paintbrush or pencil, Jamie Poole always manages to nail every detail he desires, from perfectly placed shadows, to little things like the glow in his subjects’ eyes, or rebel hair strands that make them look so much more realistic.


Jamie Poole self-portrait

So far, the collection of finalized text paintings by Jamie Poole numbers just three artworks, a self-portrait of the artist made using poetry and words from a book letters he and his wife write to each other, a piece based on Michael Morpugo’s book, Warhorse, and a portrait of Sophie, for which he used the sitter’s favorite poems. With the attention his unique style has been getting lately, we can expect more such incredible works of art to come out of this talented artist’s able hands.




Sophie portrait








 Original Warhorse poster


 Jamie Poole’s deconstructed text version


Photos © Jamie Poole

Source: Jamie Poole via This Is Colossal

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