Charlotte Mann’s Meticulously Detailed Marker-Drawn Murals

Don’s you ever wish you could take a magic marker and simply draw things into existence? I’m talking about things like a better view for your house, new furniture or a brand new bicycle. That’s exactly what Charlotte Mann can do.

Most of the time, we don’t like it when other people draw on our walls, but a lot of people would love to have English artist Charlotte Mann go to work on their home, because she has the power to make their every dream come true with her trusty marker. Mann, who used to be a fashion designer, creates intricate murals on white walls, turning bland space into impressive masterpieces. Her wall decor installations have been so popular that the artist confesses she has never had to look for work. Most of her works have served as backdrops for various events, like fashion shows, but she has also unleashed her artistic talents on living spaces, proving a few doodles go a long way when it comes to redecorating.

For her impressive drawn murals, Charlotte Mann uses a special water-based marker called the Posca marker pen, which is non toxic. This prevents her from feeling light-headed from the fumes, during long drawing sessions. The young artist admits it takes her a long time to complete these intricate works of art, so she has a whole team helping her out with projects. For example, if they draw a tree, she creates the outline of all the leaves and someone else does all the little veins. “I can’t do it on my own – things take too long,” Charlotte says.

Even if Mann’s works never extend beyond the wall itself, they fill up an empty room better than a pile of furniture, and sometimes replace windows with a view. I remember the first time I discovered drawing as an interior-design technique was two years ago, when we posted about a man who used a sharpie to decorate his basement. After seeing Charlotte Mann’s works, I’m seriously considering this for my new apartment.





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