Chinese University Student Creates His Own Marvel Avengers Suits

Chinese student Zu Bingqun is living the dream of almost every comic book lover in the world. No, he hasn’t become a superhero himself, but he does have an amazing collection of Avengers suits that he built himself, from scratch. Zu said that by building the suits, he is trying to fulfill his own childhood dream of becoming a superhero.

A senior student at the Changchun University of Technology, Zu has been working on the outfits since 2012. He starts by downloading a blueprint of each superhero’s suits and buying the necessary materials for the build online. He then begins the painstaking process of molding each part of the suit and putting it all together.


His Avengers collection presently includes two Iron Man bodysuits, a Captain America suit, and a Thor costume. He’s also strayed outside the Avengers and made a Batman costume as well. All the costumes he makes are exact replicas of the ones used in the movies – the Iron Man mask can open and close and he even fixed LED lights to the palm and chest.


Zu’s goal is to complete the costumes of all the characters that will feature in the second Avengers film Age of Ultron, due to release in May 2015. He plans dress himself and his friends in the homemade outfits when they go to watch the movie for the first time.






Photos: China News

via Global Times

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