Chocolate High-Heels – Probably the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Women

Combining two of women’s favorite things in the world, chocolate and shoes, Texas chocolatier Andrea Pedrazza creates what can only be considered the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the ladies – chocolate high-heels.

The two weeks before Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for Dallas-based chocolate shop CocoAndre. I’m sure there are other great places to buy tasty chocolate in D-Town, but only here can men find the most delicious designer shoes at a fraction of the price. Master chocolatier Andrea Pedrazza pours the brown goodness into plastic high-heel molds and decorates them with gourmet ingredients to make them look as realistic as possible. Unsurprisingly, her most popular creations are chocolate Christian Louboutin shoes which sell for $35. To recreate the designer’s signature red soles, the food artist uses red ganache. Available styles include simple colors, zebra or cheetah print and polka dots, so men wanting to gift their wives with their favorite shoes for cheap are bound to find something they like.

While her products may be aimed at women in love with Louboutin high-heels, it’s the men that make up the bulk of Pedrazza’s clientele. “They come here at the last minute, they get this beautiful shoe in a box ready to be given away as a gift,” she told the Associated Press. These days she has so many orders that as soon as a chocolate shoe is finished, it goes out the door. You have to admit, it beats spending $1,500 on a pair of real Louboutins.




Photos: CocoAndre/Facebook