Coffee Won’t Keep You Awake at Tokyo’s Hypnosis Cafe Colors

Apart from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the menu at the Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors, in Shinjuku Golden Gai, also features some offbeat items, such as Trauma Erasure or Past Life Regression.

Tokyo is known for its unique cafes, many of which have been featured on Oddity Central (Cuddle Cafe, Vampire Cafe, Hammock Cafe, etc.), and today I’m thrilled to add another one to our growing collection – the Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors. As the name suggests, this intriguing venue uses the power of hypnosis to attract customers (and maybe trick them into coming back). Originally opened in the city of Sapporo, the hypnosis cafe moved to the Shinjuku district, in Japan’s capital city, where quirky establishments are becoming increasingly popular. Numbering just eight sits, all at the bar, the Hypnosis Cafe Colors offers visitors the chance to try out a number of hypnosis techniques, including reconnecting with your inner child, quit smoking suggestion, or trauma erasure. Simple hypnosis is performed by an expert who also plays the role of bartender and magician, and is basically free, but special techniques cost between ¥1000 ($12) and ¥50000 ($600).

Before being put under, subjects are advised to have a drink and relax, because a relaxed mind is much more susceptible to mental manipulation. To help them unwind, the bartender/hypnosis magician puts on a series of magic tricks for the customers. Then he starts using his mind control skills to play tricks on them. For starters he limits their physical movements, making it impossible for them to get off their chairs or move their hands.  In the second stage of his performance, he tries to put clients in a state of relaxed sleep, and plays tricks like making them think they’re drinking delicious beer, when their glasses are filled with plain water. It’s definitely a great place to go to with friends and have a laugh at each other’s expense, because going alone you’ll probably won’t remember a thing unless you video-tape the experience.

I don’t know if the Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors is the first venue of its kind in the whole world, but it’s definitely a place I’d like to visit if I’m ever in Japan. I have a lot of emotional baggage I want to get rid of and I might as well do it over coffee.

Another Tokyo via Japan Trends