Crazy Stuntman Loves Jumping over Speeding Cars and Motorcycles at the Last Possible Moment

Fearless daredevil Al the Jumper really lives up to his name – he actually jumps over speeding cars and motorcycles that are headed straight towards him at high speeds, and to make the experience more thrilling, he only leaps when the vehicle is about to run him over.

The Swedish stuntman,whose real name is Ousseyni Issa Gobitaca, has leaped over a variety of vehicles, including a Lamborghini supercar traveling at 80mph! You’ve got to watch the clip for yourself to realize how close Al comes to death before eluding it at the last possible moment. He explained that it’s all in the head – he prepares himself by picturing the moment and calculating everything in advance. “I see a picture of how everything will look before I leap and if I can do it in my head, I can do it in real life.”


“If he (the driver) is driving at about 56 mph, then I jump when the car is about 13 ft in front of me,” he said. “When we increase the speed, then I will need to jump much earlier to come up in time and reach my height while the car should be able to pass under me.”


“I’m not sure I see the seriousness of this,” he added. “I’m just thinking jump, jump.”

He says that he prepares for all his jumps at the gym – he adds weights on to a bar and then holds it up while jumping on to a box, to train the ‘explosivity of the legs’. “My ultimate goal is to jump over two cars at once,” he revealed. “No one has done it and for me it’s important. I will write myself into the history books as the craziest jumper of all time.”


And as impossible as his dream may seem, Al might just be able to fulfill it. In his most recent stung he managed to jump over two speeding motorcycles.

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