Creative Agency Creates Detailed Money Portraits

Artists from Chinese creative agency Senseteam cut apart banknotes from various country and recomposed them as detailed portraits, in a series called Big Business 3.

‘Currency symbolizes the value of a nation and its position in the world,’ the designers say, so their portraits¬†‘reflect the subtle relationships and influences across money, desire,
society, nations, and human beings.’ They also prove money can also be used for something much more meaningful than shopping and making bank deposits – in this case art and cultural statements. To create their colorful artworks, Senseteam members painstakingly cut banknotes into hundreds of strips and glued them together in the shape of intricate human portraits.

To make sure viewers don’t become tempted to take their works apart and reassemble the currency, designers used old, outdated currency, gathered from all over the world. Big Business 3 recently won the gold award in the Design for Asia Award 2011.






via Humans Invent

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