Disco Shopping in Amsterdam – Dutch Group Turns Supermarkets into Discos

Shopping for groceries can be dreary, but a group of Dutch entrepreneurs is trying to change that. They’ve come up with a unique concept called ‘Disco Boodschappen’ (Disco Shopping) which basically involves throwing a disco dance party at an otherwise boring supermarket.

The organisers said they came up with the plan after they saw a tweet with a similar idea. “A friend of mine posted a tweet with a picture of a note from a supermarket where a student is proposing an hour of disco shopping,” said entrepreneur Joost Aarsten. “I thought, ‘Wow, we gotta do that!’”

So he got together with a few friends to formulate a simple event that would make shopping for food seem like a celebration. With a high quality sound system, a few decorations, and a DJ, they plan to convert the most mundane supermarkets into a hip place for a few hours.


The second edition of Disco Boodschappen is all set to take place on April 10 this year, at The Dirk van den Broek on the Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam. The event has already gone viral – registrations opened earlier this week, and the Facebook event page shows that almost 3,000 people are going.

“We present to you the very coolest shopping experience:Disco Boodschappen,” the page reads. “The supermarket is transformed into a disco with disco balls and groovy floor lights. Dance between the zucchini and Maggi, drink beer beside the custard, or rollerblade along the mashed potatoes.”


Entry to the event costs 7.50 euro, which includes a bag of groceries and drinks. Participants are expected to show up in 70s themed clothing, or in a broccoli costume.


via Into Connection

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