Dr. Rev’s Creepy Artworks Are Painted in Blood

Dr Rev Mayers is an Australian tattoo artist with a passion for creating crimson artworks using nothing but blood. Using a variety of art techniques, he paints incredibly detailed yet somewhat creepy works of art.

Some artist would probably call Dr. Rev crazy for using his own blood on all of his paintings, but so far his disregard for the norm has proven very successful, as his works have been exhibited all around the world. The Sydney-based tattoo artist uses airbrushing, standard paint brushing, scraping, smudging and layering to create his realistic masterpieces that aim to depict growth, human constraint while capturing the viewer’s heart and soul. In time, he has managed to progress naturally from tattooing and doing body art, to his new found passion, blood painting.

His ability to expand and push all boundaries of the art world, have earned Dr. Rev a great number of fans from all around the world. He isn’t the only artist in the world using blood as the main medium, but his artworks are indeed the finest I’ve ever seen created with plasma.

Dr Rev’s story can be found in his new book “Dr Rev – A man with blood on his hands”, which you can find on his official site, BloodPainting.com, where you can also request your own custom blood painting.






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