Fake Pregnancy Bellies Become Top Sellers in China

China is notorious for making cheap copies of almost every item in the world. And now, they seem to have moved on from man-made objects to replicating nature itself. The latest in the long list of fake Chinese items is a fake pregnancy belly. Put it on, and you can deceive anyone.

These artificial copies of pregnant women’s abdomens are made of silica gel, and are being sold on the internet. The silica gel makes them take on a very natural quality, close to human skin texture. Some online shop owners have said that the fake bellies are highly comfortable and have a flesh color. If you’re wondering what use anyone could possibly get out of fake pregnancy bellies, we have some answers for you. For now, the people who buy it are actors, purchasing them for performances. Others have bought it as a joke, and also to get an idea of how it feels to be pregnant. Apparently, the product is a hot seller online.

A person trying to fake a pregnancy need not worry about her belly not growing, either. Because the fake ones are available in three sizes – one for each stage or trimester of pregnancy. Some people online have been wondering, “If I wore it on a bus, would anyone give up their seat for me?” With the holiday season approaching, the fake bellies could even make a realistic addition to Santa Costumes! If you too would like to experience pregnancy, but can’t get your hands on one of these fake bellies, you can try the Mommy Tummy pregnancy suit, for a realistic experience.

via People’s Daily

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