Georgian Landfill Overrun by Hundreds of Chicks After “Spoiled” Eggs Hatch

A landfill near the small city of Marneuli, in Georgia, recently turned into a chick hatchery, after the scorching heat caused hundreds of spoiled eggs disposed of by a local poultry farm to hatch.

A video posted on Sunday by Facebook user Sahid Bayramov shows the landfill crawling with cute yellowish chicks chirping continuously and looking for their mother. Also visible in the video is a large pile of eggs which is presumably where all the tiny birds came from. As you can imagine, the video quickly went viral on social media, before being picked up by national and international media.

Faced with so many questions about how the chicks wound up at the landfill, Marneuli mayor Timur Abazov offered some insight into what had happened:

“They [the poultry farm] believed the eggs were spoiled,” the mayor told reporters. “They were thrown away at the dump. But there are rocks – and the sun heated the eggs. The conditions were the same as if hens had hatched them.”


So basically, the farm disposed of some spoiled eggs and the heat caused them to hatch. That’s not something you see every day, although similar things have happened. But what became of all those hundreds of chicks in the end?

“So many were hatched. Most chicks have been saved for now – although they may be eaten soon,” mayor Abazov said. “Many local people took the chicks home.”


via Tabula (Georgian)

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