Have a nICE Stay At Finland’s Igloo Village

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in an igloo? Well, you have the chance to find out at the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, in Finland. A hotel located in the northern part of the country, high up above the arctic circle,  is being touted as one of the coziest romantic getaways in the world.

Holidaying couples have three options at the hotel – Log Cabins, Snow Igloos, and Glass Igloos. Of course, the snow igloos get my vote for the most interesting of the three. Let’s find out more about them. Built to fit 1 to 5 people, it is literally like sleeping inside a room made of snow Of course, while the temperature outside may be dangerously cold at below -30 C, all the necessary amenities are provided indoors to keep you warm and cozy. The temperature inside ranges between -3 and -6 C. Warm down sleeping bags, woolen socks and hood are provided. The ice itself illuminates the igloo.

If you want to experience sleeping in an Igloo, but at a warmer temperature, you might consider a glass one. Because they’re made of a special thermal variety of glass, normal room temperature is maintained indoors. Also, the glass never frosts, allowing a clear view of the beautiful sights outside. Glass igloos are furnished with luxury beds and toilets, and can accomodate a maximum of two people. As a plus, the hotel makes it possible for their guests staying in the igloos to use the sauna, and also take a dip in a nearby ice hole.

For those who like their privacy, and also want some warmth, the hotel provides the option of basic log cabins too. Each cabin comes with its own shower/toilet, kitchenette, sauna and fireplace. But who would give up the opportunity of renting a cool igloo from which you can admire the Aurora Borealis, for a plain cozy cabin, right?

Located in the wilderness near Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park, this hotel is a great way to spend your winter vacation!



Photos © Kakslauttanen Igloo Village