Korean Couple’s Five-Month Body Transformations Will Blow Your Mind

A Korean couple are taking Instagram by storm with their phenomenal body transformation photographs. In a short span of five months, they have gone from ‘somewhat chubby’ to super-lean workout machines!

Song Jin Yoo and Shin Ji Hoo been exercising together at the gym for the past five months – spending three hours a day on aerobic exercise and one-and-a-half hours lifting weights twice a week. They have recently shared their amazing results on a Korean Facebook pace titled ‘Dieting is the Best Plastic Surgery’. Their before-and-after simply left everyone speechless and soon went viral in Korea.


In addition to their workout regimen, they’ve been following a strict diet consisting of chicken breasts, eggs, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, in specific quantities. Song Jin Yoo, the guy, eats 150g of chicken breast, 120g of sweet potatoes, five pieces of almonds, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, and some onions every three to four hours. Shin Ji Hoo, on the other hand, consumes three to four egg whites, 50g of potatoes, some fruits and vegetables around five times a day.


The self-devised regime yielded impressive results in a short time span – Song Jin Yoo went from 83kg with 16% body fat to 71kg with 5% body fat. Shin Ji Hoo initially weighed 71kg with 32% body fat, but she’s now at 49kg and 18% body fat. That’s a lot to lose in just five months.


The couple’s latest photographs, featuring ripped, sculpted bodies, have gone viral.  Shin Ji Hoo has an Instagram following of over 9,000 and thousands others have declared themselves inspired by their transformation and plan to take up dieting and exercise to hopefully match their feats. “You guys are an inspiration for others,” an Instagram user wrote. And the media is referring to them as the poster couple for ‘relationship goals’.


Such a transformation would be impressive in a couple of years, but in five months it seems almost impossible. Still, the photos the two post on their respective social media profiles seem genuine, and so far no one has been able to prove any fowl play.




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