Landscaping Company Carves Live Trees into Beautiful Artworks, Sparks Controversy

A landscaping company in China recently angered nature lovers by carving dragons and other art forms on live camphor trees. Workers apparently cut off all the branches and stripped the top layer of bark before carving intricate figures into the soft wood underneath. The sculptures were then painted in gold.

About a dozen such trees are currently located on a roadside plot of land in Xiangshan county, in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The owner of the company, who prefered to remain anonymous, said it took 100 days to carve each tree. He also admitted that most of the trees couldn’t withstand the carving process and died soon after. As pretty as the carvings are, not many people are impressed with the cruelty involved.


“Some people protested that carving on living trees is a cruel art,” the owner said. But he intends to continue the practice, because he isn’t breaking any laws. They’re his trees and he can do whatever he likes with them.





Photos: CFP/China News

via GB Times

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