Man Chops in Half Everything He and His Girlfriend Owned after Breakup

We’ve seen people do strange things to cope with the pain of a breakup – like spending a week at KFC or inventing ridiculous uses for a wedding dress. But German eBay user ‘der.juli’ took post-breakup madness to the next level by literally cutting in half all the things he and his ex owned together.

It must have been a terrible breakup – what else could have prompted him to do destroy his TV, iPhone, laptop and even his car? We’re not kidding, he actually sliced his green Opel Corsa and his Macbook Pro neatly down the middle! He’s now selling the broken stuff on eBay, each priced at less than $2.


The man also posted a video captioned ‘Thank you for 12 beautiful years Laura, you’ve really earned half’ on YouTube, in which he’s seen using power tools to precisely slice all his things – chairs, wardrobe, a teddy bear, a bicycle, an REM record, a sofa, a Samsung TV, and even a mailbox. The footage ends with a sarcastic comment: “Greetings to my successor.”





‘Laura’ has apparently received her share of the stuff via post, and the man has put his share for sale on eBay. The cheapest items are available for just one euro – with the broken car priced at 2 euro. They’re pretty much useless, of course, except as eccentric decor items. Interested?

Pretty crazy story, almost too crazy to be true, wouldn’t you say? Well, we’ve had quite a few of these here on Oddity Central in the last seven years, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was actually legit. However, it has come to our attention that this viral story is actually a joke pulled on us all by a German law firm who wanted to showcase the complications of a separation “in a funny way”. After revealing the truth about the video, the lawfirm apologized for misleading millions of people worldwide, but hoped that we at leat got a good laugh out of it.

via Daily Mail

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