New Mind-Twisting Doodle Madness by Sagaki Keita

Sagaki Keita is an amazingly talented Japanese artist who specializes in recreating classic masterpieces from thousands upon thousands of childish doodles.

If you were to look at Sagaki Keita’s work from really up-close you’d only see familiar doodles like we all used to do back in school, during boring classes. But as you slowly back away, you realize that with every step the doodles seem to blend together until they form an incredibly detailed version of a classic work of art, like the Mona Lisa or an old Roman statue. His art really blows you away, and just thinking about the amount of time and effort that must go into each of his pieces, you can’t help but feel in awe.

We first features some the work of Sagaki Keita back in March, and I remember wishing there was more of his art to check out. Well, it’s like he read my mind, because he recently updated his website with 12 new stunning pieces made exclusively from pen and ink doodles. Like Chris from This Is Colossal points out, that he could complete one of these intricate artworks in such short time would seem pretty impressive, but the man did a full dozen…











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