Only in Japan – Love Doll Brothels Are Bustling

Some people tend to compare Japanese Love Dolls with regular western sex dolls, but in reality, they are on a whole other level. Believe it or not, people actually pay big money to sleep with a doll, at the bustling love doll brothels across Japan.

The first Japanese love dolls were created 30 years ago, so that people with disabilities could enjoy some female companionship, but they quickly became an alternative for healthy men simply to shy to enjoy sleeping with real women. A lot of Japanese men are obsessed with anime and manga girls, and these realistic love dolls gave them the chance to actually fulfill their fantasies of spending some time with their favorite characters. Some have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying dozens of high-end love dolls, made of silicon, and feel much more comfortable in their presence than they would in that of a real woman. They don’t nag, they never complain and they don’t cheat.

But love dolls are anything but cheap, especially if you’re looking for quality. A silicone love doll, complete with a metal skeleton and dozens of joints that allow it to move like a real woman, costs well over $6,000 and that’s a lot more than some love doll fans are able to pay. And that’s how the weird love doll brothels appered. They give men the chance to live out their fantasies for a fee that would buy them the company of a real woman…

So why would they rather pay to sleep with a love doll, when they can have a real woman, right? As I pointed out, the men who frequent love doll establishements are silent, shy types who feel much more comfortable with a doll that a real woman. Plus, they can dress the doll up however they like, put different wigs on it, and pretend they are actually sleeping with their ideal anime girl.

Most love doll brothels offer a wide variety of doll models and outfits, but there are clients who prefer to bring their own accessories, to make sure the doll looks just right. From young boys to men well in their sixties, they all spend significant amounts of cash to watch some adult video, to get in the mood, and then  sleep with a doll. And business is anything but slow, as love doll brothel owners say they have dozens of customers every day.


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