Russian Makeup Artist Sparks Outrage after Using Real Fish as Facial Accessories

It’s hard to imagine how putting dead fish on your face can pass off as make up, but that didn’t stop Russian makeup artist Elya Bulochka using them as facial accessories for a marine-themed photo shoot. Her original idea, however, sparked a deluge of criticism and outrage on Instagram for what is being viewed as a highly insensitive act. A lot of her 25,000 followers on Instagram called it ‘unnecessary’, saying “it’s not art, just another stupid person killing animals for nothing.”

Elya first shared a photo of her holding a bag of newly purchased aquarium captioned: ‘Guess what I’m going to be wearing today?’ She followed that first post with photos of models wearing mermaid makeup that included what were undoubtedly dead angelfish, neon tetra and other small fish. Many more of her followers asked if the fish were real and she confirmed they were ‘already dead. Same as in your dining plates.’ 


Photo: Elya Bulochka/Instagram

Thousands of Instagrammers found the images offensive and creepy, and retaliated with harsh comments. “Today one dead fish, tomorrow someone’s finger,” one wrote. “Disgusted that all this is referred to as the art of makeup.”

“But why kill the fish? Just gone crazy in their fashion,” wrote another.


Photo: Elya Bulochka/Instagram

Judging by her response, Elya didn’t really let the negative comments get to her. “Before writing the comments, remember when you ate your last meat,” she wrote. “Only your meat has nerve endings and feels pain. Fish do not feel.”


Photo: Elya Bulochka/Instagram

She did take down the photographs after a while, but put up another one a couple of days later – an image of her makeup art next to an image of a model’s face covered in canned sardines.  “Now I want to play you in a game of “double standards,” she wrote. “Spot 10 differences.”


Photo: Elya Bulochka/Instagram

To be fair, not everyone was critic of her unique makeup choice. Some of her followers asked her detractors if they eat meat and if they feel sorry for the animals then.


Photo: Elya Bulochka/Instagram

via Daily Mail

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