Russian Powerlifter Will Make You Reconsider Condescending Terms Like “Weaker Sex”

Natalia Trukhina is a professional powerlifter from Russia. At just 23-years of age, she has already accomplished more than other athletes do in their entire careers, setting multiple bench press and armlifting world records as well as earning several world champion titles.

Natalia discovered her passion for powerlifting when she was 14 years old. She had always liked power and combat sports and was a very active child. However, she weighed only 40 kilograms at the time and started hitting the gym in order to gain a few extra pounds. The rest, as they say, is history. Now 23, Natalia Trukhina has grown from a scrawny girl into one of the most muscular women in the world. Her impressive figure and strength put most men to shame.


Standing just 168 cm tall, Natalia weighs a whopping 92 kilograms, most of it pure muscle. Her arms measure 45 cm in circumference and her massive legs 72 cm. More impressive still are her lifting records: she can deadlift 240 kilograms and bench press 170 kilograms.


Last year, the Russian amazon became world armlifting champion and world bench press champion, setting a new world record. She is also currently the European bench press and deadlift champion. But even as an accomplished athlete, Natalia Trukhina has her share of haters. In an interview with Russian bodybuilding website Pro Secrets, she said that in real life no one dares make fun or insult her, but the Internet is a whole other matter.


Every time photos of her are posted online, they cause a big stir. There are those who applaud her hard work, but she does also have her share of haters who love nothing more than cause offense. It’s because of them that she stopped posting on forums. For her discussing her figure, training regimen and diet with like-minded people online was just a hobby and “hobbies should be fun, if not, what good is a pastime?”


Natalia Trukhina has always been open about using anabolic steroids, as well. She has admitted to taking 150 – 200 mg of Primobolan or proprionate before competitions, and 20 mg of oxandrolone on training days. She claims she was at one point tempted to also try growth hormones, insulin and peptides, but ultimately decided they were not for her. Natalia says she performs well and manages to keep in great shape even without doping, but claims steroids give professional powerlifters an edge during competitions. Luckily for Trukhina, the sports she is currently involved in do not require drug tests.


Although very passionate about what she does, Natalia Trukhina recently revealed that she is in dire need of sponsors in order to keep up with expenses. Female bodybuilding and powerlifting isn’t very popular in Russia so finding sponsors is a daunting challenge. She says that so far she has funded her training and traveling herself, which has left her with no money and credit card debt.


Natalia Trukhina already has a worthy successor in Yulia Victorovna Vins a.k.a. Julia Vins, a 19-year-old Russian powerlifter with a very impressive phisique and an angelic face to boot.




And just in case you think these photos of Natalia Trukhina may be digitally altered for that “wow” factor, here are some videos to put those doubts to rest:


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