Soccer Moms Take on Cheerleading for Their Sons

You all know the soccer mom; it is a dominant sort of individual in the suburbs and easily noticeable at any PTA meeting or sporting day of any school.

This stands true pretty much everywhere, except St. Ignace, Michigan where soccer moms have managed to do something genuinely surprising.

Instead of sitting around yelling at the players at least twice as much as their coach, these proud parents have decided to join in on the action by, well, getting closer to the action.

Since the St. Ignace high school has no more than 215 students and pretty much none of the ones outside the team have any interest in the sport the football team was facing a serious disaster. They were facing every teenage jock’s nightmare as there were no cheerleaders to motivate them.

Given the facts so far, the ever supporting soccer moms decided to cover that position and so far it seems to be going well for the cheerleading squad and even better the St Ignace Saints football squad.

The Saints have managed to get themselves an undefeated record so far and their next target is all the way in the big city of Detroit, Michigan. When there, they’ll be fighting for the title of state champions and they’ll be doing with their mothers cheering from the sideline. That said, half time cheering is going to be a competition between dangerously thin teenagers and baby weight middle aged women, not exactly the best odds forming there.

What I find particularly weird about this effort is that soccer moms are getting involved in a positive nature. What ever happened to good old fashioned soccer moms watching on the side, secretly coaching “for success” and potentially scarring their children for life?


As if that wasn’t bad enough, what happened to kids embarrassed by parents? There’s no player in the Saints lineup that isn’t happy with the soccer mom-cheerleader “arrangement”. Finally, perhaps worst of all, the coach is also happy with the situation and he doesn’t even chew tobacco.

via UpNorthLive

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