South Korean Twin Sisters Look Unrecognizable after Amazing Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is so common now, it shouldn’t shock us anymore. But you can’t help being amazed at certain transformations. Like these South Korean twins’ almost unbelievable change.

We don’t know their names. All we know is that they were participants on the popular South Korean TV show – Let’s Beauty. The show focuses on people who say they feel held back by their appearance, helping them look better and feel more confident.

Snapshots of the twins’ transformation are all over the internet. Honestly, I think they looked pretty good before the surgery. But they look breathtakingly beautiful now. The photographs show a surgeon analyzing the twins’ appearance and going over the procedure. There’s a sneak preview of the dramatic difference in the making. And the final pictures show a detailed view of the completely reconstructed faces.


The lateral view snapshots show the most difference. While the twins still look identical, the shapes of their mouths, eyes, chins and the overall contour of their faces have completely changed. The TV show has also helped them change their clothes and hairstyle for the complete makeover experience.


Lately, South Koreans have been making news for their obsession with plastic surgery. Images of this year’s Miss Korea pageant showed all 20 finalists looking exactly the same. A 2012 report by The Economist states that South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita. 20 percent of women in Seoul between the ages of 19 and 49 admit to having had some kind of beauty ‘enhancement’.


It must be an overwhelming experience to go through such a drastic change. Every time the twins look in the mirror, it must freak them out. They appear happy, but I do hope they realize that their their kids are going to look nothing like the new them.
















The video below doesn’t show the two twins, but it paints a pretty clear picture of what kind of transformations occur on the Let’s Beauty show.


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