The Mentally Ill Toys of Martin Kittsteiner

A German toymaker has designed a series of cuddly toys, each suffering from serious mental illnesses like depression and hallucination.

36-year-old Martin Kittsteiner, from Hamburg, says the idea to create the bizarre toys started from a joke between him and his girlfriend, who has a lot of stuffed toys, but he soon started to see the potential of the idea. Each of his cuddly toys has its own disease and symptoms, and comes with a medical history, referral letter and treatment plan. Martin hopes his unique creations will help families with children suffering from mental illnesses.

You can order your very own mentally ill toy from Martin Kittsteiner’s website, for $40 each. There, you can also play a mini-game and try to diagnose the toys’ problems.

Kroko suffers from paranoid psychosis.

Sly is a rattle snake that suffers from a severe rattle complex.

Dub the turtle suffers from severe depression.

Dolly the sheep suffers from delusion and is under the impression that she is a sheep.

Lilo suffers from a mysterious illness that makes her ignore what’s happening around her and focus only on solving a simple jigsaw puzzle.

via Daily Telegraph



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