This Steam-Powered Motorcycle Is Any Steampunk’s Fan Dream Come True

The ‘Black Pearl’ is a one-of-a-kind steam-powered motorcycle created by Dutch bike builder René van Tuil, of Revatu Customs. Looking like the love child of a chopper and an old steam engine, the unique vehicle can make any diehard steampunk fan simply drool just looking at it.

Although named after Jack Sparrow’s notoriously fast ship, van Tuil’s amazing creation is anything but fast. Powered by a functioning steam engine, with a rear wheel driven by a large crankshaft, the unique motorcycle can reach an unimpressive top speed of just eight kilometers per hour. That might not be nearly enough for speed junkies, but those who enjoy a leisurely ride will definitely appreciate the chance to take in the scenery at a very slow pace.


Photo: William Hoogteyling/de Gelderlander

René van Tuil is known for his unconventional motorcycles, but he himself admits the Black Pearl is one of his craziest creations yet. He was inspired “Train Wreck”, a 2012 fictional design by Colby Higgins, and spent eight months working on an actual real-life version of the steampunk motorcycle, before unveiling it at the 2014 Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen.


 Photo: Revatu Customs


 Photo: YouTube caption


 Photo: Revatu Customs


 Photo: Revatu Customs


via VICE Motherboard Germany