Chair Dangling on Roof of Derelict House Becomes Tourist Attraction

A wooden chair perched on the edge of an exposed attic in Dennis Township, New Jersey, has become an obsession for thousands of people and even spawned its own dedicated social media groups.

A dilapidated house with a collapsed roof located on Route 47 in the unincorporated Dennisville community of Dennis Township has become somewhat of a tourist attraction thanks to a small wooden chair perched right at the edge of its exposed attic. Many of those driving past the house on their way to and from work have become fascinated with this chair that doesn’t really move but is destined to fall at some point. Some want to know how it wound up on the edge, others whether it is nailed to the floor to keep it from falling, and a few are interested in the home’s history and why it is in its current condition. But most are just interested in watching the chair until the day it inevitably falls to the ground.

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