These “Chameleon” Sneakers Can Change Appearance Thanks to Flexible E-Reader Screens

If you’re a sneaker hoarder, these new shoes from New York designer David Coelho are just the thing you need. They can actually change patterns at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to buy multiple sneakers to suit every mood!

Aptly named ‘ShiftWear’, the sneakers are perfect for the fashion conscious who love coordinating their accessories and clothes. They’re also great for people who love a bit of flair, and for those who are indecisive about their outfits. According to Coelho, these are “the most adaptable shoes you’ll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone.”

ShiftWear will be available as high, medium, and low tops, with flexible color e-ink display screens similar to the ones on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. Wearers can decide what goes on the screens through a smartphone app, choosing between a range of static or animated designs. The battery is built to last up to 30 days if only static images are used.


The shoes will be waterproof and machine washable, coated with Kevlar fibers to resist normal wear and tear. “The flexible electronics in the shoes will charge with every step you take – or wirelessly,” the company revealed. “The colors and designs can be viewed with direct sunlight just as you would see designs on normal sneakers.”

The app to control the display will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows, and there will also be a marketplace to purchase designs from artists. “You can create your own designs and share them with friends or sell them,” the company said. “It’s a designs software, marketplace, and social network, all in one.”

The start-up company apparently refused to reveal exactly how the shoes work, but they said that the technology to make the shoes has existed for years. They’re currently trying to raise funds for production through Indiegogo, where you can pre-order a pair for anywhere between $150 and $1,000. The cheapest is the ShiftWear L1 Classic, described as “badass sneakers that let you display custom designs, right from your phone or tablet in seconds.”

Photos: Indiegogo

via Daily Mail